Monday, July 4, 2011

Snoqualmie Steam Train Porter - Beer beer beer!!!

I was given a growler of this delicious beer on Saturday and enjoyed a couple pints over dinner last night. It has a smooth, rich taste that is more chocolatey than most beers I've had in a while and also lacks the dead rat taste of Guinness. It is actually not as filling as I had expected and (thankfully) not foamy or creamy. It's so black that you can't see through the pint glass with the setting sun behind it or even a flashlight.

I'd include a picture, but frankly it would be lame to snap a pic of one company's beer in another company's glass. Yes, I could spin the label around, but that too is lame. Anyhoo, next week I'll have a full assortment of beers from another brewery in Washington. If you are near the Snoqualmie brewery, it's worth it to stop there after a local hike for a bite to eat and a drink (or two).

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