Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fixing Up teh Gog!

Despite all the fun we had while camping, there were still some minor injuries; one in particular that I failed to consider along with the others was that of our family dog. He was playing in the river and when he came out there was a square inch of skin peeled back from his hip area. Now before you think I am neglecting the dog (his name is Trex), just know that I figured it would heal on its own. After two days, it still looked painful and was obviously not getting better fast.

*Enter amateur Veterinarian, Jessica*
I asked my co-worker to come out and help me with Trex to get him all patched up. With the components from my camping medic kit, which helped the previously-mentioned bonehead's tomahawk wound, and a neck cone (E-collar) we got him all patched up. After shaving, flushing, disinfecting and covering the gash, Trex seems more comfortable and just laid down for the evening.

I guess we will know in a few more days whether or not it is an effective fix, but I'm sure it is. I am glad to have him patched up and also glad to have saved what little money I have from being spent at the Vet. It was sure imperative to have help when I applied the alcohol though... man did he squirm!!

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