Monday, July 11, 2011

Elk Head Brewery and its Magic Potions

This week was not the first time I had the wonderful, unfiltered goodness from the Elk Head Brewery in Buckley, WA; it was amazing all the same. While camping, my dad’s long time friend came up for the day and brought up four half-gallon jugs of different varieties of the great beer. One India Pale Ale (IPA), one Porter, one “Extra” which is smooth, amber-ish and STRONG and finally one growler of the “Elk Dandy” which is made using dandelions.


My family was apprehensive at first about trying beer that they had never heard of, but seeing my enthusiasm they gave in. Even my wife, who normally HATES beer, was trying each one and loving them. There is something to be said about beer that is so delicious, but not bottled and shared with the masses. After less than an hour and two Solo cups full…. It was *gasp* gone….  We had delivered a few more people from the evils of the huge beer makers and brought them to the church of local brews.


For the record: This brewery is so incredible that it puts every other beer I know of to shame, BUT (notice I said “BUT”) they are also different in that their beer is small batch, often experimental and not bottled en masse. Larger breweries like Ninkasi, Deschutes, Dogfish Head and many others all make spectacular beer and ship it all over the country for us to enjoy; my thanks go out to them for doing so. Anyway, I digress….


After demolishing the four half-gallons of the beer in such short time, we were sure to get an adequate supply for the following day. The second round came in (160 mile round trip from camp site to brewery and back) with an astonishing EIGHT growlers; four gallons of beer for us. Well…… word had spread and now the four gallons went just as fast as the initial two from the day before. The last one to get busted open was the Elk Dandy and that is for good cause. Right before you go to bed, this seals the deal with the ZZzz monster. :0)


Anyway, if you can make it, take a trip to the Elk Head and take the time to sample all the products. It’s supporting local beer and you’ll enjoy yourself. Make sure and stay a bit longer than you would with a normal bar, that stuff tends to sneak up on you.



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