Sunday, July 3, 2011

First post.

So since that title resulted in the largest loss of perceived intelligence imaginable, I have to work hard to make up that lost ground. I'll be posting all sorts of things ranging from car videos, how-tos, gun videos and reviews, pics and clips of my growing farm and everything in between. I have been called a "walking contradiction", so you may see everything from anti-war activism to funny lolcat pictures and then back to my newest assault weapon, followed by a video of my chickens being badasses.

This last week or so was amazing; I went to a bachelor party like no other where we got drunk as hell (obviously), talked shit and raged through box after box of ammunition. The standard bachelor party debauchery was skipped in lieu of more memorable events. My friend let me drive his Jeep around for a bit and that thing is bad as they come. I took that thing up hills I'd be pensive about taking a dirt bike up.

Here is me with my complete 922r legal Saiga "AK-47" clone. I love this damn gun, but it's just for fun.
(I'll try to post this video, but here is the link in case)

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