Sunday, March 25, 2012

Home Stretch

While I am certainly not super close to being debt-free, I am very close to paying off the bike. If not the whole thing, then most of it. The APR jumps to 29% next month and I have known the whole time it was coming. Luckily, my better half is being cool whilst I work 6 days a week to make it happen and dodge the big black shaft of interest. 

My impulsive nature is also difficult to justify, if not impossible, and yet I am still overcome from time to time. A prime example is right now; I have a cart full of parts to finish off one project which I know damn well can wait. The reason I didn't just check out is because it is primarily my impulsiveness that got me to the point of needing to work this much (which I am glad to be able to, don't get me wrong) in order to save my own ass.

I would be a fool to fall prey to the allure of the Amazon monster at this point. In a couple months, the ATF will hopefully grant me my Federal Firearms License (FFL) so I can finally begin to get customers and make some money. Anyway, it has been great so far. The bike more than pays for itself when I ride it. I get to make it home faster due to carpool lane and also save 5 bucks a day in gas alone. It's damn cold though.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Lucky Dogs

By now, nearly everyone I know has heard this story in varying levels of detail. I basically about wasted two dogs who were running amok in my neighborhood. You know if you’ve read anything here that I am a peaceful guy nowadays and want to keep it that way. Here is the video and the first bit is my neighbor lady after her scary ordeal with having been chased inside.

The animals were taken from the owners as this was their third strike. During the incident, you can see me dip out of the way (dog teeth will ruin my pretty pistol) and I wanted to give them every chance I could. I never got the adrenaline response associated with being chased by monsters like this. I knew that I had ten little friends on my side who could outrun them. Skip to 2:00 to see my stupid ass....

Friday, March 16, 2012

Hill Holder Fail

This little spring here is the return spring (or what was left of it) for my wife's Subaru. There is a mechanism in some manual Subies that keeps the front left and right rear brakes locked when the clutch is in and the car is stopped. This is so awesome in Seattle on the horrendous hills and whatnot. It is not so cool when it fails.


I had no way of getting just the spring from the dealer, so I went into third world engineer mode. I grabbed the rear brake return spring of my 1988 Honda dirt bike mentioned on here a few months ago and with the help of some Boeing surplus aircraft steel wire I secured the spring in place. After the spring went in, I added two zip ties for flair and attitude.


I shan't fail to mention that it was pissing epic rain the whole time I was doing this. That made things a lot more fun because I was soaked. Anyway, I'll go the Tacoma Screw and see if they can, once again, save the day with my projects. Fun times, but at least I got it to work and didn't have to lose functionality of the awesome feature.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Now He's An Expert?

*Stupid dream alert*

Yesterday I was reorganizing my safe to make room for all the new junk I’m acquiring and ran into a relatively-new (to me) WW2 era Japanese Arisaka rifle I got from a friend. So here is the short story…

Somehow in the dream I was still working on arranging all the rifles, pistols and shotguns with David. Who the fuck knows why he was there, but he was. Anyway, he pointed out the Arisaka and said, “Oh look at how the (insert Japanese word) is on the bolt. See that? That is a symbol of (insert some dynastic term) emperor”. Even in my dream, it was weird a hell.. then I realized he was a history buff and not a closet weapons expert. I am no expert, but I like guns a little bit. I would have no clue what the rifle was in the sporterized state it is in.

This is very similar to something I came across the other day; just because you are well-informed on something, does not mean you support it. I have a deep understanding of war and do not support it.