Friday, March 9, 2012

Now He's An Expert?

*Stupid dream alert*

Yesterday I was reorganizing my safe to make room for all the new junk I’m acquiring and ran into a relatively-new (to me) WW2 era Japanese Arisaka rifle I got from a friend. So here is the short story…

Somehow in the dream I was still working on arranging all the rifles, pistols and shotguns with David. Who the fuck knows why he was there, but he was. Anyway, he pointed out the Arisaka and said, “Oh look at how the (insert Japanese word) is on the bolt. See that? That is a symbol of (insert some dynastic term) emperor”. Even in my dream, it was weird a hell.. then I realized he was a history buff and not a closet weapons expert. I am no expert, but I like guns a little bit. I would have no clue what the rifle was in the sporterized state it is in.

This is very similar to something I came across the other day; just because you are well-informed on something, does not mean you support it. I have a deep understanding of war and do not support it.

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