Sunday, April 21, 2013

PrimalCon Fun

This year's PrimalCon in Oxnard, CA was a lot of fun.  Between the great weather, food and fun there is too much to cover here.  Google it....  or click this...  Recap of the event

The grass-fed beef, the fresh (slightly undercooked) salmon, the bacon and piles and piles of salad was all delicious.

I got to crush a part of the Earth over and over with my body in an attempt to stand on a slackline.  The people there were cool and it is very much worth the trip. Here is me on the last day.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Adventures in Wiring

Last night when I left work I got a text message from my neighbor (damn, this is an exciting way to start off) asking where I was. Apparently the lower level of his house had power in about every other opening.  I tested to see where had power and where there was none; next thing I did was to make sure something inductive worked there.


After removing the nearby plate covers, I found several bundles of wires that looked awful. The people who lived there before must have had a fear of neat electrical junction boxes. After 2 hours of testing plugs and re-doing the neutral bundles, we found one that when you jiggle the box, the lights come back and BAM! There is the missing neutral….


We opened up that plug, which this guy has never used in 2 years at the house and found a ratty job, a crushed up box and a small burn mark on the wire nut as well as the loose wire. So, there must be monsters who go around loosening wire nuts just slightly. That is all I can figure, so it must be the answer.


Anyway, after just over two hours of re-doing every outlet in the garage and about half those in the downstairs living area, it works. I finally went in my place at about 9:15 and made food (which is actually breakfast) and went to bed.


Here is one example, though not the culprit) of the wiring in the house.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

One year

Today marks one year of my business (not according to the state, but rather when I chose to officially “open”) and it has been fantastic.  First, I have met a bunch of great, honest people who are asking me to do work that they either don’t have the time for or are simply over their head with; lots of my customers are enthusiasts in the field.


So, with the recent madness that is the gun-grabbing, ammo hoarding and all this other nonsense, I have a couple things to offer (you’re welcome 6 readers).


·         Price gouging saves lives

·         Free market, given a lack of regulation, wins every time

·         Prices should be what the economy should bare

·         Don’t bust your ass to save $6 on a $550 purchase (yes, I have had one person tell me they could save $6 online)

·         Honest work gets more work: a la “get more flies with honey, etc”


Hey-ooooo…  So yeah.. there is another April 2nd post on here from years back.  Consider it overwritten.


Holler back at ya boy!