Tuesday, April 2, 2013

One year

Today marks one year of my business (not according to the state, but rather when I chose to officially “open”) and it has been fantastic.  First, I have met a bunch of great, honest people who are asking me to do work that they either don’t have the time for or are simply over their head with; lots of my customers are enthusiasts in the field.


So, with the recent madness that is the gun-grabbing, ammo hoarding and all this other nonsense, I have a couple things to offer (you’re welcome 6 readers).


·         Price gouging saves lives

·         Free market, given a lack of regulation, wins every time

·         Prices should be what the economy should bare

·         Don’t bust your ass to save $6 on a $550 purchase (yes, I have had one person tell me they could save $6 online)

·         Honest work gets more work: a la “get more flies with honey, etc”


Hey-ooooo…  So yeah.. there is another April 2nd post on here from years back.  Consider it overwritten.


Holler back at ya boy!


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