Monday, March 18, 2013

Shrinky Dinks

Anyone remember Shrinky Dinks? Those little plastic, probably horrible-caustic, deals that you would put in the oven and shrink… anyway, that is how my  stomach is… boooyah!!   After 8 days on a nice tight ketogenic diet, I can already see the results I am looking for. After a hard Sunday kettlebell workout, I feel great and continue all efforts to sleep well.

I called the local tanning place today, and felt like a douchebag while doing so, in order to prepare my oh-so-fair skin for the sun of California.  I do not want to be a crispy critter after my first game of Frisbee, but that might happen; If I wear a green hat they’d call me Sriracha…. Yeah, let’s not…

You can’t tell by this page and my 6 readers don’t care, but I was touching up on my HTML and CSS skills today and it is all coming back. Hey, perhaps eventually I’ll get off my ass and fix myself a dope-ass website for my business.

Also, tomorrow is like Christmas!! It’s the 10 year anniversary of the start of the Iraq war!!    That was fun times for all involved. Lots of surfing, some high fiving and ultimately a positive effect on our world.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Day whatever... no one cares...

Today makes day 7 from my no-booze-to-escape-from-reality-time…. Weeeee don’t I sound like a winner?  Ha!  Seriously though, I am now in the process of gearing up to feel awesome for PrimalCon 2013 in Oxnard, CA so I can chill in the sun, play Frisbee, eat badass food and hopefully not screw myself up trying to slackline.


Watching me on a slackline will most likely look like a baby giraffe trying to ice skate or something equally-stupid, but maybe someone gets it on film. Meh.  Two new fricken sweet supplements I have been taking to mitigate stress are Holy Basil Leaf, in liquid drop form and Phosphatidyl serine in capsules.  Even if they aren’t doing ANYTHING, I still feel great and whatever. Placebo effect still works, so party on Garth!