Monday, March 11, 2013

Day whatever... no one cares...

Today makes day 7 from my no-booze-to-escape-from-reality-time…. Weeeee don’t I sound like a winner?  Ha!  Seriously though, I am now in the process of gearing up to feel awesome for PrimalCon 2013 in Oxnard, CA so I can chill in the sun, play Frisbee, eat badass food and hopefully not screw myself up trying to slackline.


Watching me on a slackline will most likely look like a baby giraffe trying to ice skate or something equally-stupid, but maybe someone gets it on film. Meh.  Two new fricken sweet supplements I have been taking to mitigate stress are Holy Basil Leaf, in liquid drop form and Phosphatidyl serine in capsules.  Even if they aren’t doing ANYTHING, I still feel great and whatever. Placebo effect still works, so party on Garth!



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