Friday, March 16, 2012

Hill Holder Fail

This little spring here is the return spring (or what was left of it) for my wife's Subaru. There is a mechanism in some manual Subies that keeps the front left and right rear brakes locked when the clutch is in and the car is stopped. This is so awesome in Seattle on the horrendous hills and whatnot. It is not so cool when it fails.


I had no way of getting just the spring from the dealer, so I went into third world engineer mode. I grabbed the rear brake return spring of my 1988 Honda dirt bike mentioned on here a few months ago and with the help of some Boeing surplus aircraft steel wire I secured the spring in place. After the spring went in, I added two zip ties for flair and attitude.


I shan't fail to mention that it was pissing epic rain the whole time I was doing this. That made things a lot more fun because I was soaked. Anyway, I'll go the Tacoma Screw and see if they can, once again, save the day with my projects. Fun times, but at least I got it to work and didn't have to lose functionality of the awesome feature.


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