Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Think She Understands Now... Maybe

Being married for the better part of the last 8 years has left we with so many wonderful things that it's impossible to pick one to be happiest about. Sure, we have our issues, our knock-down drag-out fights and screaming matches (marital bliss), but usually things are pretty cool. The biggest thing we (and 95% of American couples) fight about is money or the extreme lack thereof. I'm no saint and I'm certainly not the best with money, but I do my best to make ends meet; recently this has been nearly back-breaking.
Last night we got home, checked the mail and my wife got to see the stack of overdue bills which include unpaid student loans, utility bills, cable (one unnecessary, but mostly worthy expense having small kids), phone and medical. Our friend's wedding is coming up and she needs a dress; I told her she can get it because I have the ability to work more and make more money. Things like that come up once in a great while; I have also stopped buying beer and liquor for the next few months to help the budget and my waist.
I'll be doing everything I can to make MOAR money than normal and I think she now gets why. Life is hard, but harder if you're stupid. It's stupid to feel sorry about a problem and not work on it!

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