Monday, July 11, 2011

Playing Medic for a child

So first off, it's partially my fault for assuming this kid could handle a sharp tool; I was splitting wood at 12 years old after all. Well, we were out camping and my cousin's 12 year old son really wanted to make a bow from a tree branch and some string. I gave him my Cold Steel tomahawk to use and off he went.

About thirty minutes into his little outing, he staggers back to camp and says "I'm bleeding, I need a band aid". We looked and on his inner left ankle there was a nice deep one inch by 1/4 inch cut. It had soaked through his sock and he was white like a polar bear doing coke in a snowstorm. He laid on the bench and I busted out the medical kit and went to work. He moaned and shook as he started going into shock. After the first 20 seconds, our entire family had gathered around to look; some were horrified, others intrigued.

Well, little Jacob learned a valuable lesson about tool safety and I learned that just because I knew better, doesn't mean some other kid does (glad I didn't give him a shotgun). Also, it's not a family camping trip without some memorable story, so this year is going to be about how Jacob(a-corn) got into a scrap with some Indian warriors.

I'll be sending his mom the bill.

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