Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Version of Janie's Story

See here for the original!

I get home from work, yell at the dog, see what the oldest of my boys is getting into, strip out of my riding gear and go see the wife. Make dinner, eat said dinner and then off to bed.

Today was totally chill. It was full of me walking about going to the other buildings and then back to my desk. My deskis fine, and so was the other buildings too (my sanity is good for now). I was wondering if I should email or text Melissa to tell her that I got my homework done, but honestly I don't want to lie to her. It's just strange to have all this free time, and walking has been good for me. But maybe I need a vacation or winning Lotto ticket. Maybe I should start brewing beer. That would be a lot of fun. And I'm hopefully gonna BBQ with my friend again this weekend. That will be awesome, cause last time it was a lot of fun to not only BBQ, but to eat with someone different. I was BBQing shit that was much different than I'm use to and it was good practice. I made kebabs.

Josh is going camping again this weekend, which means I will be reading blog posts Janie writes at his house the entire time he's gone. Watching his cable... drinking his Red Bulls... Not giving Jack any Red Bull... laying in his hammock... cuddling with his cats. I think I'm sick of the people who live beside me; they are rat bastards. I'm not really calling anyone because I am busy being awesome, but could possibly make time. It's nice to not really care about a social life. Cause it's overrated anyways... This is true...

***Just a trial run... I may never do this again, because now it seems fucking stupid. Oh well... sorry***

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