Sunday, July 24, 2011

Broken Toasters: Great Wedding Gifts

Whilst amusing ourselves with the random drunkenness of the bachelor party mentioned here previously, we decided that it would be funny as hell to get a bunch of old, use and possibly broken toasters to present to our friend’s wife on the day of their wedding. This is a subtle, not very classy and still funny take on Trolling; they are getting married and asked me to help out…. They asked for it. It’s the least I can do to give credit, as this was not entirely my idea, so guys: You know who you are; well done!


The best part is that my friend gets to know that he and his wife shall be receiving multiple broken toasters as gifts and it’s up to him to pick how he presents it to her when she’s pissed off and surrounded by a formidable mountain of broken appliances. Okay, SOME may work, but none will be nice. I guess this just sounds like a crazy, dick-move, but I think it will be funny; this could be the spark that ignites years of pranks to come.


There is another prank/gift I plan to do, but it includes a picture from the B-party being framed and hidden in plain sight in their home; that will be great… unless she (or he) reads this and then the joke is up.



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