Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ouch! My Finger!!

Last night while hanging out with friends, I thought it would be swell to jump out of the creek and grab onto the trestle spanning it. I pulled myself out of the water for a second or two in a pathetic attempt to do a few pullups. Realizing that this trestle is nasty and rusty and also that my weak attempts to be awesome were failing, I dropped off. I instantly realized two things: One, that I'm super lucky to only have a small laceration and two, that I need to take my first aid kit everywhere I go.
We still had a good time though, despite this little "hang-up" **har har** and luckily I don't need a tetanus shot. The American Pale Ale from the aforementioned post is absolutely fantastic and I'll look forward to making it again later down the road.
Oh yeah, also, my ring is now egg-shaped. Damn.


  1. way to go! that looks like a good battle wound!

  2. You are wrong about one thing.... Your attempt at being awesome was not completely failed. I saw you doing a pull up from the bridge and I thought to myself "dang, my man is amazing." I think you are awesome... Even if you almost take off your ring finger while trying to show it :)