Sunday, September 4, 2011

Accepting Responsibility

Last night, on my way home from a friend's house, I was riding down a back road that I normally only take in the day. It being near 11pm, I thought the back country road was a better choice than the two lane, heavily-populated highway.
As I rounded one turn, I realized that I came in way too fast (in this case that was 30 mph) for the tight bend. I realized right then that "You fucked up, Jack. You made this choice, deal with it" and as the shoulder was nearer and nearer I leaned it as hard as I could. The foot peg was scraping on the road, showering sparks behind me and I was able to make the turn. I wasn't even scared that I may wash out, I was more concerned with going off the road.
Long story short, me taking this turn too fast is just another example of how we get to make decisions and reap the repercussions of them. I'm glad I didn't crash, but had I gone down, it would have been because of my poor judgement. Same with being overweight, out of shape or bored; take responsibility and change it. Either that or don't complain.


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  1. Totally... Hence the reason I'm doing sober September! Time for a damn change and get some time to just be, without booze.