Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wall of Warmth and Security

My garage was terribly cold and hard to get the motivation to work in. Since I sold the Versys and the dirt bike, I have more room  to work and I decided to build a wall.  Garry (handsome man in the Cereal Killer shirt) helped me frame it in, hang the drywall and plywood and install the door. I did the insulation myself after he left on day one, but that was quick and easy. Day two lasted all of 2 hours as hanging drywall is pretty straight forward.


The garage now stays about 59 degrees all the time and outside temps are usually below freezing. I have a small heater in there that kicks on when it dips below 64, but only when I am out there. The option of a warm room is great in assisting with curing and other “room temp” activities.  Pretty soon here I will be building two more benches, some shelves and running some more circuits for machinery.


A customer came in last night and saw the wall and was impressed that I had built it since he had been in two weeks prior. I am going at this as hard as I can without it becoming a burden, so someday I will tear this thing down and work out of a separate space; all in good time.



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