Thursday, November 29, 2012

Saiga 12 build V2.0

I have done several Saiga builds over the last couple years and this time I am going as fast as I can in an effort to see what the quickest possible turnaround time would be.  The first pic was at the 23 minute point if I am remembering clearly and the second was at about 30 even.  The grip screw hole was cut, some parts were slapped in and the hammer was ground down to allow full range of motion and I re-colored the receiver; to this point it was about 1:30 of solid pit crew work.

Last night I fitted the Mako folding stock which took all of 10 minutes, but I will have to be creative with where to shave what in order for it to lock in the folded position without making it look obscene when open. Clearance issues will make or break any machine as well as draw undue attention to it.

So….  Tl;dr    Most people don’t care about guns like I do, but this is fun.  The completed shotty should come in at about the 3 hour mark and be fun and cool.  My buddy will be pleased at the progress and hopefully enjoy it for years to come.

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