Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Maintaining My Sanity

Everywhere I look, most people seem to be crazy, stupid, evil or some combination of those three. I see politicians spouting nonsense about their bigoted views on gays in the military and others trying to tax one group more than others. The people in Washington are not the only ones who dole out this sort of ignorance either; just a few hours away in NY people are responsible for the biggest train wreck of an economy since the 1930s. Our country will suffer for generations from the poor choices made today.


So last night while driving home, I called and spoke to my father for a few minutes and the ways of the world came up. I realized that I sound like the crazy person in the conversation at every turn. First we spoke about the Patriot Act and how it has been used contrary to the intent and that the majority of people targeted were not affiliated with terrorism at all. The conversation shifted to foreign conflicts and then again, we struck a point where I was rambling about the injustices I help commit under the guise of freedom.


Anyhoo… these are things I’ve been thinking of recently. Nothing new I guess,

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