Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jetpack Joyride for iPhone

You guys should seriously check out this game on iPhone or whichever console you have near you (It's called Run Run Bear on Android Market). It is super fun and it was free a while ago. There is not much more to this post than that, but hell.. what do you expect from me? I mean, I tried to crash the Google server by describing Brian, which failed miserably. I will have to persevere in my quest of making fun posts; this is not a good example.

What is cool though, it that I’ll be brewing more beer on Sunday so hopefully it will turn out awesome like it did last time. I still need to go out and shoot off a few hundred rounds from the Saiga with Mike and Brian, but maybe just Mike (U Mad, bro?). Seriously though.. that thing needs to spray hot lead in the near future. My trigger finger is itching.

New year’s eve is coming; don’t drink and drive! 

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