Saturday, August 6, 2011

Epic Bump in the Night

A while ago, I was sound asleep when I was startled awake by a thunderous crash coming from downstairs. With my heart bumping like a redlining race engine, I rolled out of bed and snatched the tac-light and pistol from the nightstand. I was stark naked (don't dwell on this part too much........ okay.... that's enough) and walking through my house with a pistol and tactical, high-powered flashlight. The light was off to preserve my vision and I was ready to blast anything that moved.

Strange enough, my wife and son were sleeping and the dog was just kinda casually stretching like a lazy douchebag. I went down and cleared the whole downstairs... no doors were open, no windows smashed, etc. I thought I might just be nuts. I went back upstairs and laid in bed for 45 minutes playing Angry Birds until I fell asleep.

The result: The next day when I went into the garage, I noticed that my cabinet, which had hung undisturbed for no less than six months had fallen off the wall. There was close to fifty boxes of ammunition of all different calibers all over the floor. I spent the next hour sorting through them and placing them neatly on the ground until I fixed the cabinet.

Note to self: 2500+ rounds of ammunition is fucking heavy and no matter what it needs to be kept from crashing to Earth at 2 am!

Nuff said.

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