Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Huntin' Results *drum roll*

So we got skunked. Not a huge shocker on our first go at it, but still a little disappointing. We did it right though, taking care to select prime spots to hide, masking our scent as much as possible and keeping still and quiet. One time I had a group of three Does about twenty feet from me, but not having permission to hunt the King’s Does left me waiting for a big Buck.

The Buck wisely decided not to come out. It could be chance or perhaps the impatient hunters who drove up and got out of their trucks right as the sun came up and proceeded to crash through the woods like rabid Wookies. Those schmucks scared any potential game right away. Well, that sucks for us, but we at least didn’t see something and let it get away.

I’ll be heading out again to try to get a Black Tail near my place soon. I guess we shall see what happens.

The scenery was beautiful though.

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