Sunday, October 23, 2011

Due By Midnight or You Fail!

So there I was. true story: I was sitting in bed talking to my wife on the laptop and had just sent off the draft of my group project to a classmate and I set the laptop down. I was laying there talking and suddenly I found myself waking up gasping. I was freaking out because that paper was due midnight. As I scrambled for my phone, I saw 2:39am and panic set in hard. I grabbed the laptop and tried to power it on by feel in the dark room. Unsuccessful at that, I unplugged it and ran out to the living room. I opened the course site, typed a fast explanation and hoped the instructor would accept the late work. To make matters worse, in my panic I attached an old version of the project. I resubmitted the assignment with the right one this time.
I could not possibly sleep after that, so I sat on the couch awake reading various shenanigans on the internet; I contemplated busting out some Starcraft 2, but decided against it.
Well, as it turns out, we did not receive a failing grade due to my passing out, but it is a good lesson for the future.

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