Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kit's Response

You my friend are a dork.  LOL.  A colorful dork that has aspirations of writing like Anthony Bourdain.  As I read your email I had the Mario “death” song running through my head. The one from Super Mario Bros where Mario touches a fireball while he’s not supped up on shrooms as big as his head.  Total fail.  He he. I now know why we can’t have nice things at [Where we work].  Apparently you sir need to work on your mad Matrix slow motion skills and invest in Velcro boots… perhaps even in those power Nike’s from Back to the Future.  I hear there still selling those on eBay.

I would be most grateful if you or Queen DorkLord would be so kind to find a replacement from my small but reliable French Press that for some unknown reason is made in Italy.  Apparently the Italians love their coffee too.

Thank you.

Dude with a Busted French Press crying in the corner.

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