Thursday, January 5, 2012

¡JB Weld Al Rescatè!

So I have a methanol injection nozzle plumbed into my car's intake tract and it's loose. It has been fine for about 5 years, but I can see there is a little gap between the threads and the plastic. Our other car is in the shop right now getting it's 105,000 mile service done and they are having trouble. The car was used in New York for a few years so there is rust everywhere!! We are now waiting to see how much worse the repair gets. I'm really happy I didn't try to tackle this myself, because it would have been way worse. Fingers crossed on overnight PB Blaster soak and some TLC from the techs. Tomorrow I do the second Volvo manual transmission transplant that I've gone. I'll try to get good pics; it's not interesting unless you want to do it or you just appreciate the effort.
Working on your car can be awesome, but it can be a horrible, hellish nightmare. :)

Here is a pic. The grey is the JB Weld and the metal deal sticking upright is the methanol injection nozzle.

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